I started to play the toy piano at the age of three, and then continued on the regular piano when I managed to climb up the piano chair. From I was 8 to 12 years old I also played the trombone, but mostly for the school band. I can remember that I often was curious about the sound colors of the different instruments. The music teacher recommended me this instrument because he thought my ear could find the right pitches, and also carefully listen to the sound I would make.

Much later, when I studied with professor Håkon Austbø, I got to know Messiaen’s music and his way of capturing the sound, which in fact led me to investigate more contemporary repertoire.

I was also fascinated by all the strange colors of the voice; an interest that which may be related to all the different pop and rock artists I listened to – in addition to all the classical music I listened to, my parents had introduced me to other genres.